At MAAS Industries LLC, there is nothing we cannot demolish! We offer complete demolition services for government, commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential clients in and around Phoenix. Our job is to help communities remove potential eyesores, so that new developments can rise-up in their place.

Demolition Services | MAAS IndustriesWorking closely with preservationists, city officials and/or community organizers, our trained demolition crew uses specialized equipment equipped with the latest in technology to maximize a project’s safety, control dust, and remove hazardous materials. We do all of this with an exceptional level of precision.


Regardless of size, we can demolish entire office buildings, parking garages, and other structures that have sat vacant for years allowing new community developments to rise-up in their place. This includes removing the structure’s footings, foundations, basements, utility tunnels, loading docks, landscaping, and all other improvements.


We also offer selective architectural demolition for those who have simply reimagined their space. Selective demolition may also be used following a damaging fire. This service often saves home and business owners time and money. With our help, a building can be restored to its former beauty, and enjoyed by the inhabitants again.


  • Land clearing
  • Concrete cutting
  • Historic preservation
  • Selective architectural demolition
  • Total architectural demolition
  • Swimming pool and/or spa demolition

Choosing an experienced contractor is one of the most important factors in demolishing residential, commercial or industrial construction. At MAAS Industries LLC, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with quality, efficient service, and precise demolition services at an affordable cost. Contact us today at 602.531.7280 to learn how we can assist you with your demolition project. We provide free estimates.