Why You Should Hire a Trenching Contractor

by maasadmin, August 12, 2019

trenching contractor

We’ve all seen signs such as “Caution: Open Trench” or “Roadwork Ahead” while driving along Arizona highways that are under construction. But have you ever stopped to consider who oversees the creation of trenches and making sure that the workers and the general public remain safe? If you don’t know a lot about the construction industry, you might say the construction company, but that’s incorrect. It’s the job of a trenching contractor.

Benefits of Hiring a Trenching Contractor

Trenching can be dangerous not only to your crew but to the safety of your jobsite all together. A collapsed trench adds more time and money to your schedule and, if it happens repeatedly, can impact your bottom line. Trenching contractors possess the necessary equipment to ensure a safe and on-schedule project. They are also experts at knowing what techniques and equipment are best for that specific job site.

Qualified contractors have skilled labor and adhere to all state and city guidelines. Hiring a specialized contractor for your trenching needs is also your best defense against OSHA safety fines.

According to Construction Dive, a Michigan contractor was fined $454,750 for trench-safety and other violations, and a Florida contractor was fined $272,000 for lack of cave-in protection on a job site. That is a lot of money to be fined, and you can avoid it by hiring qualified contractors for your job site’s trenching and excavation needs. The safety of your crew and your job site should always be a priority and worth spending the money to hire the necessary contractors.

Reasons to Hire a Qualified Trencher

Three big reasons that a contractor or even a homeowner would hire a qualified trencher are: digging utility lines, putting in a water well, and installing a septic tank. There are plenty of other reasons to hire a trencher, but let’s focus on these. These are all jobs that if done incorrectly could be hazardous to everyone involved.

Putting in new utility lines requires knowing where all existing lines are to avoid damaging them during the project. Whatever your reason for wanting to put in a well, you’ll have to hire someone qualified to do so, hence, the need for a trenching and excavation contractor. Moreover, if you’re putting in a septic tank, you’ll need a qualified contractor to make sure that the hole is big and deep enough for you.

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