Demolition Safety Plan

by maasadmin, August 28, 2018

demolition safety plan

MAAS Industries can certainly take care of your demolition needs, but to do that, we need to make sure that our workers are taken care of first. We do this by providing a comprehensive demolition safety plan.

Demolition jobs can be dangerous, which is why we want to make sure that our demolition crew along with other workers in this industry are aware of the hazards, so proper safety precautions will be taken.

Too often you hear about accidents occurring on a demolition site. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA, believes that these types of accidents can be prevented through proper training, planning, and equipment.

Demolition workers need to know what kind of hazards they might face, including:

  • Unknown weakened construction materials
  • Dangerous materials that are unnoticeable like lead, chemicals, or flammable elements
  • Unapproved changes to the original design
  • Dangerous effects of demolition methods used

Each company needs to have a demolition safety plan that all workers are familiar with before starting a project. Having a demolition safety plan in place will ensure the safety of all parties involved. Such planning can include:

  • A fire evacuation plan
  • First aid/medical emergency services
  • Professional evaluation of the jobsite
  • Locating and securing surrounding utilities

It is necessary for each company to provide its workers with proper equipment that ensures their safety. This will be outlined in the demolition safety plan. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required to be worn always during demolition projects. This type of equipment may include:

  • Hearing protection
  • Protective clothing
  • Respiratory protection
  • Eyes, face, head, hands, and feet protection

All workers should be properly trained on the company’s demolition safety plan for each demolition project. This includes being trained on how to correctly use all necessary safety equipment. These are all requirements that we at MAAS are committed to. Our demolition crew is highly trained and uses specialized equipment designed with state-of-the-art technology to maximize a project’s safety, control dust, and remove hazardous materials. We do all of this with an exceptional level of precision.

At MAAS Industries LLC, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with quality, efficient service, and precise demolition services at an affordable cost. Contact us today at (602) 531-7280 to learn how we can assist you with your demolition project. We provide free estimates.

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